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He’s secretly pleased to see you underneath all that.

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S: Anything interesting in the newspapers yet, John? I’m bored..
J: …*sighs* no, Sherlock. You know, there hasn’t always to be a case or murder to keep you entertained!
S: But John.. there hasn’t been an interesting client for an eternity! The last e-mails have just been tiresome attempts of some people to get my attention - dull.
J: *mumbles* well, at least you don’t get those odd e-mails..

My next project/ AU series (click for full view)

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"The rest was just…window dressing."

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I know what kind of man you are ... but we could have been friends.

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Sherlock + Breaking the fourth wall

his eyes in the last gif i cannot

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I thought you might call.

I thought you might call.

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Filming vs. Finished Product!



John + no (requested by Anonymous)

Wait, you forgot one:


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